2012: A Year To Remember (And Forget) | PART 1

Now, keeping with our motto, we have eliminated all paparazzi posts from this Robsten 2012 look-back. It’s been a big year for both Rob and Kristen; therefore, with all of their accomplishments, comes a lot (and I mean A LOT) of airport, date night, and outing pics. You will only find fan accounts and/or tweets in this timeline. I’ve tried to highlight the events that defined this year for them, so please enjoy this trip down memory lane! 2012 has had its ups and downs; always remember: “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”




  • We, as fans, love it when magazines give us a BTS video of Rob &/or Kristen’s photo shoots. Here’s Kristen’s Vogue Italia BTS video! (LOVE THIS PHOTO SHOOT) 2/5
  • A picture of Kristen’s message in Jay Leno’s guestbook surfaces.. ADORBZ 2/5
  • Edward & Bella’s Wedding Video from the BD1 DVD! 2/7
  • Robsten DATE (Sushi) NIGHT! A lucky fan got a pic with both of them! 2/8
  • Our first glimpse of Breaking Dawn Part 2! 2/9
  • And the FIRST EXCLUSIVE SCENE from Breaking Dawn Part 2 thanks to Target! 2/11
  • Finally, @thelynsj spills the beans about her SWATH set visit & meeting Kristen 🙂 2/13
  • It is finally revealed that Rob has been writing a Screenplay for Martin Amis’ “Money” (as of now, we haven’t heard anything more about this project & whether its still something he’s pursuing) 2/14
  • And now begins the Bel Ami promo (with a buzz cut *gasp*)! Rob attends the Berlinale premiere of Bel Ami: press conference | red carpet 😀 2/17
  • Super Josh (aka @joshuahorrowitz) answers Robsten questions :3 2/18
  • First hint that Cosmopolis could premiere at Cannes! *cough* It does. *cough* 2/19
  • Drum roll please …… And here’s the INFAMOUS Robsten Night In photo! I still remember scratching my eyes to make sure I was seeing the picture correctly … are those Kristen’s arms around Rob’s shoulders .. are those short shorts she’s wearing .. are those Rob’s AMAZING arms muscles … hot damn! 2/21
  • Rob and Kristen hit up some Pre-Oscar Parties, including the WME Party. That same night, they went to the Chateau Marmont for dinner! 2/25
  • It isn’t every day that Twilight is mentioned at a prestigious event like the Oscars, but to our dismay, it was included in a Montage! 2/27
  • The first, official On The Road movie poster + stills! 2/29


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