2012: A Year To Remember (And Forget) | PART 2

Now, keeping with our motto, we have eliminated all paparazzi posts from this Robsten 2012 look-back. It’s been a big year for both Rob and Kristen; therefore, with all of their accomplishments, comes a lot (and I mean A LOT) of airport, date night, and outing pics. You will only find fan accounts and/or tweets in this timeline. I’ve tried to highlight the events that defined this year for them, so please enjoy this trip down memory lane! 2012 has had its ups and downs; always remember: “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”



  • We celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY <3 4/1
  • The first, official (US) Bel Ami trailer was released 4/3
  • A super cool Art Gallery dedicated a show to Kristen Stewart-inspired artwork! 4/3
  • Rob and Kristen had another date night, details were revealed later :) 4/7
  • Kristen celebrated her 22nd birthday! 4/9
  • Kristen attended the special Stella McCartney event, looking absolutely ravishing with a sultry red lip! 4/14
  • Rob and Kristen were CONFIRMED to have BD2 reshoots …. 4/15
  • Kristen and OTR cast mates were spotted doing OTR press (Screenslam’s OTR interview special) 4/18
  • Annnnnd another COSMOPOLIS trailer is released .. HOT HOT HOT 4/19
  • ITS OFFICIAL!!!!!!! On The Road and Cosmopolis make the official Cannes Film Festival 2012 Selection! 4/19
  • Kristen was spotted at the cast and crew screening of K-11 in LA! 4/19
  • There were a few NINJA Kristen sightings at Coachella 4/20 4/21
  • Rob and Kristen went to Coachella Weekend 2 .. were spotted hanging out with Katy Perry and her gang! Here are even MORE details (with a pic to prove it!) AND, to top it off, some lucky fans got a pic w/ Rob! 4/22
  • Kristen and Charlize attended CinemaCon in Las Vegas, promoting SWATH! 4/26
  • Jalouse Magazine featured an AWESOME, hipster-vibe cover & photo spread with Kristen & Garrett (the OTR promo begins!) 4/26
  • Kristen’s cover of ELLEUK is finally released (not my fav photo shoot, but she still looks GORGEOUS!) 4/27 And here are the scans of the magazine’s article & photo shoot. 4/28
  • Although Kristen ended up falling out of doing this project, it was announced that Kristen would star in Cali. 4/27
  • One of the most random outings for Rob was his trip to Washington, D. C. where a lucky fan got a menu signed from him ;) 4/29 … Remember when we all watched the White House Correspondent’s Dinner .. and he wasn’t there!
  • Remember those BD2 Reshoots? Well, Rob was spotted in the Seattle airport, connecting to his Vancouver flight. 4/30
  • The ADORABLE KStew went to her bestie’s Mustache Party and was photographed in her Charlie Chaplin costume :3 4/30



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  1. Thanks for doing this-I know it was a LOT of work! Great job!
    Can we skip July??? Ha Ha
    Can’t wait to see Part 3!

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