2012: A Year to Remember (And Forget) | PART 3

Now, keeping with our motto, we have eliminated all paparazzi posts from this Robsten 2012 look-back. It’s been a big year for both Rob and Kristen; therefore, with all of their accomplishments, comes a lot (and I mean A LOT) of airport, date night, and outing pics. You will only find fan accounts and/or tweets in this timeline. I’ve tried to highlight the events that defined this year for them, so please enjoy this trip down memory lane! 2012 has had its ups and downs; always remember: “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”



  • A new pic of Kristen at (what we thought at the time was a mystery photo shoot) a Balenciaga photo shoot. 7/4
  • The sweet, and ever-inspiring MamaStew tweets about Kristen, saying “she’s always been my muse.” 7/11
  • Rob and Kristen spent the night before their last Twi-ComicCon together at Nobu. 7/11
  • Rob, Kristen & Taylor participated in a press conference before the giant fan panel at ComicCon. Transcript/Video | Fan Pics & Tweets. 7/12
  • MTV did an amazing interview w/ Rob, Kristen & Taylor in between the madness from the press conference & fan panel! 7/12
  • And here are our MASTER POSTS of Rob and Kristen at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Fan Panel at ComicCon. Transcript/Video | HQs | Interviews | COMICCON pocket guide. 7/12
  • One of the BEST Robsten interview moments happened this year w/ Canada’s eTalk 🙂 Part 1 and Part 2. 7/12
  • Kristen did another awesome photo shoot .. can’t remember what it was for, but awesome nonetheless! Outtakes. 7/19
  • Kristen and Rob support another fellow BritPack member, this time it’s Bobby Long! 7/19
  • One of my FAVORITE magazine covers of Rob this year ….. Black Book! And he wears Balenciaga, too! 7/21
  • Rob, Kristen & Taylor head out to the Teen Choice Awards to pick up the Ultimate Choice Award for The Twilight Saga. 7/22
  • 7/23 – 7/27 … one of the worst weeks in Robsten history. The Scandal. I won’t go into detail about what happened (or should I say, what pictures surfaced), but it’s definitely something that should be documented because it changed our fandom — we polarized.
  • New Breaking Dawn Part 2 character posters were slowly being released .. VampBella looked BADASS! 7/27



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2 thoughts on “2012: A Year to Remember (And Forget) | PART 3

  1. They might finaly get back together and if they are lucky then miby by next year they will have their very own little Renesmee on the way xx

  2. You did a great work here! I cant believe how much happened this year. It brought the real fans together. And Im so grateful that I found this site after so many others have been closed!
    Lets start a new year which I believe will be bigger and better 🙂

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