2012: A Year To Remember (And Forget) | PART 4

Now, keeping with our motto, we have eliminated all paparazzi posts from this Robsten 2012 look-back. It’s been a big year for both Rob and Kristen; therefore, with all of their accomplishments, comes a lot (and I mean A LOT) of airport, date night, and outing pics. You will only find fan accounts and/or tweets in this timeline. I’ve tried to highlight the events that defined this year for them, so please enjoy this trip down memory lane! 2012 has had its ups and downs; always remember: “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”



  • The final Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie poster is released (and quite frankly, I’m not liking the snow …) 10/2
  • There was a sketchy Robsten sighting at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood … 10/3
  • The final Breaking Dawn Part 2 International movie poster surfaces and it is A LOT better than the one previously mentioned 😉 10/5
  • Rob is spotted at a hush-hush industry dinner w/ IFC Films in NYC! And here’s the pic to prove it! 10/5
  • Kristen is spotted at a Florence + the Machine concert in LA with her father (aka PapaStew)! 10/7
  • There were some GORGEOUS, HOT, SEXY pics of Rob from a mystery photo shoot that surfaced … still not sure where they were taken or for what … 10/11
  • Rob surprised us again this year by attending the ELLE Magazine ‘Women in Hollywood Gala’. He honored Uma Thurman, his co-star in Bel Ami 🙂 10/15
  • Rob was announced to be starring in ANOTHER movie, called Hold On To Me. Carrey Mulligan will be his co-star in this film! 10/16
  • Kristen did a live Q&A to promote Balenciaga’s Florabotanica Perfume ….. the interviewer was less than normal, needless to say it was supposed to be 30 mins and it only lasted 15 mins .. interview FAIL, but Kristen was great! 10/18
  • NINJA Kristen attends her bestie’s (Katy Perry) birthday bash .. and the fandom strikes again, finding Kristen in the background of a pic 😉 10/20
  • Rob heads out to Australia to begin the first leg of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 press tour! Here are some UNF-worthy photo call pics! 10/21
  • Rob attended the first of many Breaking Dawn Part 2 fan events across the world in Sydney, Australia! His shirt is so adorkable, I love it 😛 10/22

  • We started our infamous BREAKING DAWN PART 2 PROMO POCKET GUIDE .. your resource for all things Breaking Dawn Part 2!

  • Rob went skydiving while he was in Australia .. and yes, there’s a pic to prove it! 10/24
  • Kristen flew all the way to Japan to attend the BD2 fan event there! She looked absolutely stunning in a black and white romper with a 60’s mod vibe. 10/24
  • Both Rob & Kristen quickly jet-setted their way back to LA and didn’t waste any togetherness time .. they were spotted at a Prince Concert! 10/25
  • Rob surprized us for a THIRD time this year by popping up at the LACMA Event in LA. He looked like James Bond in his FABULOUS Gucci suit! 10/27
  • Rob takes the cover of Vogue Italia (or L’Uomo) and compeltely stuns us all .. in a good way! He’s lookin’ like he’s from the future, wearing some tight-ass leather pants .. MMMMmmmm! UHQs | HQ Scans. 10/31


  • Kristen announces Jodie Foster as the recipient for the Cecile D. DeMille award for this year’s Golden Globes. This was LITERALLY the same day she had her BD2 press conference .. luckily it was in the same hotel! 11/1
  • Kristen and Rob (and the rest of the BD2 cast) participated in the last Twilight Saga press conference. Transcripts + HQs. My friend, Evan, got an AWESOME pic w/ Kristen! 11/1
  • The last Twilight Saga MTV First airs .. Rob, Kristen, Taylor & Super Josh make it totes ah-mazing! 11/1
  • During all this Breaking Dawn Part 2 madness, Kristen takes a break and heads for AFI Festival for the US debut of her latest movie, On The Road. Red Carpet | Interviews | US OTR Promo pocket guide. 11/3
  • Rob had to celebrate his girl’s accomplishment by attending the AFI Fest On The Road AFTER PARTY held at the Roosevelt Hotel. After Party HQs | Rob Sighting tweets. 11/3
  • Kristen made her first late night talk show for BD2 on the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno! She always has great interviews w/ him 🙂 11/5
  • While Kristen was taping her Jay Leno appearance, Rob headed to Jimmy Kimmel Live to tape his interview 🙂 Kristen ninja-ed herself over to JKL to simply just “chill” in the green room w/ Rob :3 11/5
  • We should call Kristen Wonder Woman because after her ninja sighting at JKL, she made her way over to the Pacific Design Center for an On The Road Q&A! 11/5
  • Rob, Kristen, Taylor, & Bill all pose for a BD2 portrait during the press/promo madness! 11/6
  • Kristen and Rob head off to NYC to continue BD2 press. First, Kristen hits up The Today Show (where the interviewer asked her a question about her RL relationship w/ Rob .. saying that the “fans want to know” <– we don’t need to know … we ALREADY know), Live w/ Kelly & Michael, and finally, Late Show w/ Jimmy Fallon (he gets her to chug a beer) 🙂 11/7
  • Rob made appearances on Live w/ Kelly & Michael, The TODAY Show (he was asked the same question as Kristen and just laughed at the interviewer), and Late Show w/ Jimmy Fallon (Rob pours water all over himself *wink wink*) 11/8
  • In the meantime, Kristen attended another private screening of On The Road in NYC looking SUPER edgy & gothic w/ very dramatic eye makeup & a tight black dress! 11/8
  • And here it is … the last Twilight Saga LA World Premiere …. And our admins, Melissa & Heather, were there to experience it all! FanPics/Screencaps | Red Carpet | Interviews 11/12
  • DIRECTLY after the LA Premiere, Rob & Kristen (and company) jetted off to the UK to attend the London Premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2. FanPics/Screencaps | Red Carpet | Interviews 11/14
  • Kristen makes an appearance on Conan (we are assuming she filmed this between her Leno & PDC Q&A appearances) 11/14
  • Continuing with the Breaking Dawn Part 2 European Premiere schedule, Rob & Kristen head off to Madrid. Press Conference | Premiere – HQsInterview 11/15
  • Rob, Kristen, & Taylor appear on the always hilarious El Hormiguero show lololllllolol More adorable HQ stills here. 11/15
  • The last & final stop on the BD2 press tour is Berlin. Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Wyck, & Bill attend this last premiere not only for BD2 but for the Twilight Saga 🙁 Press Conference | Premiere – HQsInterviews 11/16
  • After all the BD2 press madness, Rob & Kristen seemed to be spending some down time in London. A pic of them hitting up a gas station’s convenience store was posted, but we felt that it invaded their private time since they had just finished a very public promo tour. On their way back to the states, s super lucky fan tweeted a pic of Rob and Kristen boarding her flight en route to NYC from Heathrow! There was a sighting of them later that night, which confused the fandom once again about the double meaning of the word ‘zig-zag’ 11/23
  • Kristen surprised us for the first time this year by attending the Variety Studio Awards in LA! This appearance got us into AWARDS-MODE! .. a Best Supporting Actress nominee? Here’s the roundtable interview she participated in during the event! 11/28
  • Rob surprised us for the FOURTH time this year by making an appearance at the Arbitrage Luncheon where he was photographed w/ Richard Gere! Later that day, Rob was spotted at SoHo House, taking with some Warners Bros Executives .. hmmmm …. 11/30


  • Making the Awards-Push rounds, Kristen attended the Governor’s Awards, posing alongside Mr. Oscar himself (or should I say, the statue himself). 12/1
  • Kristen attended another private screening of On The Road, this time in LA! I believe she was supposed to attend a Q&A the day before, but cancelled last minute due to the flu .. man! a girl can recover fast 😀 Now, of course there was an AFTER PARTY & yes, Rob was there 🙂 12/6
  • Kristen made her first trip up to San Francisco to promote On The Road at Skywalker Ranch … and we are STILL looking for those leather leggings from H&M … 12/7
  • Now, officially starting her OTR US Promo, Kristen appeared on the Late, Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson (this was the most awkward/weird show she has ever been on .. she had to have lost a bet to have appeared on this show! LOL) 12/10
  • Another obscure show for Kristen to be on was the PBS Tavis Smiley Show .. she even wore a collared button-up shirt .. how PBS-of-you Kristen 😉 12/10
  • While Kristen was gearing up for the NYC Premiere of On The Road, she made a pit-stop at the 12-12-12 Concert, benefiting the Hurricane Sandy victims. 12/12
  • Kristen ninja-ed her way across NYC to the IFC Center for yet another On The Road screening! 12/12
  • Kristen taped her The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart appearance just hours (or should I say minutes) before the OTR premiere! 12/13
  • And now, for the last hurrah! Kristen attends the NYC premiere of On The Road. Our admins, Melissa and Heather, were lucky enough to see Kristen arrive & leave this event! Kristen did not stop for autographs because she was #1 late and #2 pissed off at the PAPZ for treating her horribly earlier in the day. HQs | Interviews | NYC OTR Promo pocket guide 12/13
  • Insider intelligence: There were only a couple pics of Kristen taken at the OTR NYC After Party. There are, however, several pics of Kristen arriving & leaving a restaurant (where she had dinner) a couple blocks down from the After Party location. 12/13
  • Several rumors had been circulating about whether Rob was the face of Dior’s new men’s fragrance … now, it seems as though those rumors are TRUE! Rob flew to NYC to film his Dior commercial. Several lucky fans got pics w/ him after the shoot! 12/20
  • Rob heads to London to spend Christmas w/ his family and is spotted on Christmas Eve at a local pub! 12/24
  • A few days later, Kristen is spotted at LAX, heading to London to reunite w/ her beau <3 12/27
  • And yes … it’s official! Rob & Kristen are spending NYE together! They were spotted taking THE TUBE with friends! AHHHH! SO ADORABLE! 12/29
  • (to be continued …. a lot can happen on this last day of December …)

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