25 DAYS OF RK: December 10th

ABC Family does 25 Days Of Christmas & shows you a bunch of Christmas movies and shows….

We’re doing 25 Days Of RK!

Each day we’ll post :

  • a fan-fic recommendation: 1 completed or 1 WIP (work in progress)
  • one of our favorite RK pictures
  • Random ;)

Feel free to comment/tweet us your favorites as well!


DECEMBER 10th 2012

Completed fanfic: Tongue Tied by Notebook of Ellen

Favorite RK pictureTwilight Los Angeles Premiere

Favorite Edward/Bella moment:

In the books, I would definitely have to say the first meadow scene in Twilight. Edward and Bella fell in love that day. In the movies, I would say the last meadow scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2 when Bella finally lets Edward read her mind. This scene brought sappy tears to my eyes <3

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