25 DAYS OF RK: December 13th

ABC Family does 25 Days Of Christmas & shows you a bunch of Christmas movies and shows….

We’re doing 25 Days Of RK!

Each day we’ll post :

  • a fan-fic recommendation: 1 completed & 1 WIP (work in progress)
  • one of our favorite RK pictures
  • Random ;)

Feel free to comment/tweet us your favorites as well!


DECEMBER 13th 2012

Completed fanfic:  Letters to Corporal Masen by solostintwilight


Favorite RK picture: Entertainment Weekly Twilight Promo 2008

Favorite Rob colored suit:

I really loved Rob’s maroon suit at the Eclipse premiere. I remember how shocked people were to see him in a colored suit and I LOVED it! He can pull off it flawlessly & has since worn other colored suits. I had a hard time deciding because I was at BD2LA and the green suit was quite amazing but…maroon won. Here’s to hoping that he’ll wear other ones soon!

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2 thoughts on “25 DAYS OF RK: December 13th

  1. Great pic again Heather. This pic just reminds me how ridiculously good looking this couple is. I think they actually enhance each others beauty, and they just look dam good together too. GOSH!

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