25 DAYS OF RK: December 18th

ABC Family does 25 Days Of Christmas & shows you a bunch of Christmas movies and shows….

We’re doing 25 Days Of RK!

Each day we’ll post :

  • a fan-fic recommendation: 1 completed or 1 WIP (work in progress)
  • one of our favorite RK pictures
  • Random ;)

Feel free to comment/tweet us your favorites as well!


DECEMBER 18th 2012

WIP fanfic: Wisp by Cris

Everyone’s talking about this fic..you should totally get on the bandwagon.

Favorite RK picture: Entertainment Weekly 2008 Twilight Promo


Something we can’t wait for in 2013:

I’m just so excited to see Rob and Kristen’s career blossom and evolve! They have so much ahead of them. I don’t doubt we’ll see many nominations and wins for prestigious awards in the years to come. I hope they get to go to Cannes again as well.

I’m so proud of them it makes my heart swell. They are two amazing actors and such genuine people. I truly hope for the best for them in everything that they do.

Proud to be a fan of such incredible people.

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2 thoughts on “25 DAYS OF RK: December 18th

  1. DITTO! I’m so excited to be fans of these two because they DO have an incredible career ahead of them. Can’t wait for all the premiers, interviews, photo-shoot and the repetitive movie theater outings to support them( i rarely go to the theater honestly) I just hope we get to see them TOGETHER. Robsten is ultimately so inspiring

  2. About 2013 and after, I can’t agree more with you. I hope only the very best for both Robert and Kristen in all the ways of life.

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