25 DAYS OF RK: December 23rd

ABC Family does 25 Days Of Christmas & shows you a bunch of Christmas movies and shows….

We’re doing 25 Days Of RK!

Each day we’ll post :

  • a fan-fic recommendation: 1 completed or 1 WIP (work in progress)
  • one of our favorite RK pictures
  • Random ;)

Feel free to comment/tweet us your favorites as well!


DECEMBER 23rd 2012

Completed Fanfic: Dusty by YellowBella (Now completed!)

Favorite RK picture: Rob/Kristen & Taylor at Grauman’s Chinese Theaters 

(I had to choose this picture because it’s the one Rob said he looked like Rumpelstiltskin in)


Why I love fanfic:

Let’s face it..the Twilight books are great but there’s just something about fanfic that pulls me in harder than any other form of reading. I love reading books and learning about new characters- I’m a total addict. I guess there’s just something about reading two of your favorite characters in different situations and scenes and worlds and types. It’s like a drug to me 😉 (yeah, I’m quoting Edward. Deal with it.) Anyone else addicted to fanfic?

I’m starting FanFictionFriday’s in January 2013. If you have any rec’s you’d like to send my way please do in the comments section here or tweet them! Twilight or Rob/Kristen movie crossover fics are welcome! 

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2 thoughts on “25 DAYS OF RK: December 23rd

  1. Just like you, I’m totally addict to the fanfictions world. Some authors are so talented, it’s insane. They have to be published, and some are published, BTW.

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