CHARACTER FACE-OFF: Which KStew Was More Badass?


As fans of both Rob and Kristen, we here at have viewed nearly ALL of their cinematic careers. With every role, Rob and Kristen lose themselves within the characters they play on screen. We are starting a new weekly (or biweekly) post where we take two of Rob and Kristen’s characters and have YOU vote on which one you like the most 🙂 It’s about time we hear your opinion (and not the ignorant critics’)!

Please, try not to use the ‘dislike’ option. I have yet to find a plugin that will use only a ‘vote’ button, so we’ll have to make-do with this 🙂

Joan Jett vs. Bella Swan

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One thought on “CHARACTER FACE-OFF: Which KStew Was More Badass?

  1. “ignorant critics” Amen to that quote! Movie critics wouldn’t like a movie if their own mother
    directed it and was in it too. I think most of them actually hate movies-they are frustrated writers
    who couldn’t get a real job!
    Vampire Bella ROCKS!

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