Kristen Attends ANOTHER ‘On The Road’ Screening – Dec 9

Kristen attended the screening of On The Road in Santa Barbara!


Re: Q&A @janeheller1: @fabulouschic13 She told a funny story about shooting for long periods in the car & how leftover food in the back seat was spoiling.

@janeheller1: Screening in a 1/2 hr of #OnTheRoad followed by Q&A w/ Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund & director Walter Salles. Another great movie day!

@janeheller1: Really nice reception for Kristen Stewart & Garrett Hedlund after the #OnTheRoad screening today. Both very excited about their roles.

@janeheller1: Kristen Stewart talked a bit about her next film with Ben Affleck, but hopes to do a “micro-project” before that shoot starts.

Re: ‘Focus’ @janeheller1: @fabulouschic13 That she’s looking forward to sitting down & discussing the film with the filmmakers. Seems very serious about her craft.

Re: What Kristen was wearing to Q&A @janeheller1: @BrokenVivibuff Don’t recall enough to describe but a very colorful top (maybe w/ turquoise & pink) that looked great on her.

@carpoolchella: just talked to kristen stewart for like 10 minutes. hahahah


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