Kristen is #3 on VH1’s “12 Celebrities Who Dominated 2012” List

kstewartfans Cosmopolis (48)

Dominating Moment: Celebrating and promoting On the Road at Cannes, a professional high point for anyone in the movie biz. It didn’t hurt that she also showed up to boyfriend Robert Pattinson‘s Cosmopolis premiere in Cannes showing off her tightest red carpet game ever.

Best Appearances: Cannes was huge, obviously, but there was nothing more nail-bitingly huge than Kristen’s first public appearance following “the incident”: walking the On the Road red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival, looking nervous but still confident and collected.

What We Expect From Her in 2013: She’ll be starring in Focus, but we also expect her to lay low, hang with her dogs, and dig into some new projects. And our fingers are still crossed for a cookbook.

I must make a little author’s note here. This article was written by the lovely Kate Spencer of VH1. Me and Heather had the privilege of meeting this lovely lady at Tent City this year and talked a lot about the Twilight stereotypes and the “incident” that happened over the summer. I, personally, have always respected Kate because she never bought into those ridiculous rumors or gossip stories, she only reported the facts (and still tried to make sense of it all). She is one of Kristen’s media supporters and we are so happy we have her on our side 😉

Source: VH1

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