Kristen on Tavis Smiley Show – Dec 10


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Brief Details:

Kristen’s favorite part about being on a talk show is being in front of a big screen w/ her face on it 😛

OTR was Kristen’s first favorite book. When she was 16 she put the book on her dashboard 🙂

Kristen wants to “discover America .. as cheesy as it sounds”

Kristen signed up to play Marylou even though she knew she wasn’t ready to play a part like that at that time #risky

Kristen is happy that the story of Twilight has been told

Kristen is talking about enjoying doing the Indie movies during Twilight

#tavissmiley talking about Kristen’s paparazzi

“I’m sorry if they are here.” Re: Paparazzi

How do you ignore it? “I don’t.”

“As long as it doesn’t get in the way.”

Talking about waving at the staring person in the restaurant 😛

Kristen is paranoid about ppl laughing at her, like in third grade 😛

Kristen says that it was good that she started acting when she was young because she wasn’t so self-conscious.

Compares acting & the movies to a good book, but w/ this, you LIVE IT 🙂

Screencaps Via: Twitter / epnebelle
Video Via: KStewartFans

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One thought on “Kristen on Tavis Smiley Show – Dec 10

  1. Very nice interview. I like that guy, he asks stimulating questions…l love how he made her blush when he ask her why she loves acting. And you’re not a ‘cheese ball’ Kristen!

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