Kristen Sightings at LAX Tonight – Dec 27

Looks like our girl is headed to London to spend New Year’s with her beau! 🙂

@iamwill: I hope I don’t see any vampires or werewolves on this flight because the homegirl from #TWILIGHT is sitting across from me #protectYOURneck

@carebear_03: Thnx! Omg just saw Kristen Stewart she looked like a young teenage boy hahaha

@hells_dollhouse: My dad is with Kristen Stewart

@ABoone_Scooter: Just sniped Kristen Stewart going up to the vip lounge at lax… @DUHits_Danielle @JayNic314 still not going up there. #notworthit

@Dizzyidiot: So, Kristen Stewart, and I were all on the same flight. Interesting.

@darthsater: so first, Kristen Stewart and we’re on our plane, so that was cool/distracting

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