New Pics of Rob in London for Christmas Eve – Dec 24



@bugzzb: R patts at the sun inn #wotusayintwilight
@ChloeLoubet: Standing next to Robert pattinson in a pub
@mazdem: Yes that’s Robert Pattinson in the black hat in my local!
@benbogle91: Just clocked Robert Pattinson at my local. Great jawline. #Starstruck #RPatz

Via: Robsessed
Source: Instagram / mazdem 1 2 | natc1994

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4 thoughts on “New Pics of Rob in London for Christmas Eve – Dec 24

  1. if they are so in love and so much closer now why would rob go to london without kristen it is only one year they have always been apart so this does not prove they are closer or he would have stayed with her for christmas or took her with him. when i was with my boyfriend he and i went places together for the holidys not alone

    • denis: they’ve done this every year…Rob spends xmas with his family and she spends it with her family and then they’re always together for New Years. I know a lot of couples that do the same thing and they definitely love each other…stop being so judgmental!

  2. It’s ok. I’m pretty sure they did the same thing last year-they spend Christmas with their families, then they
    are together at New Year’s. His family is in England-it’s not like they can go visit both their parents on the holidays.

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