Nicholas Ghesquière Talks About Kristen in Le Figaro (France)

Nicholas talks about his first encounter with Kristen and why he chose her as his muse for Florabotanica.

Sept 2012 Issue. Translation thanks to Itsoktobeyou:

“I live in France and I am very attached to our heritage,” cut short the designer. “But I love borrowing things from other cultures, exploring new territories. Regarding Kristen, though American, she does not match the pictures that we can make. Her nationality did not determine my choice. I remember the first time I saw her in Panic Room, where at the age of twelve, she burst on the screen. Later, during a photo shoot with Bruce Weber for Interview magazine, I was curious to see what she had become. We shot in the former residence of Warhol in Montauk. She was already a young girl: I had a real aesthetic shock.”

On the red carpet, before the contract for the perfume, the actress is considered one of the most charismatic ambassadors of Balenciaga. “But I did not consider the size of Kristen. It’s amazing what she generates, the fascination she exerts on her generation.”

Source: Itsokaytobeyou


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  1. “the fascination she exerts on her generation” …he hit the nail on the head bwoy. You’ve got me Kristen. 😉

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