Rob to Head to NYC This Week for Mystery Photo Shoot


@247PAPSTV: next week #robertpattinson will be doing a photo shoot in nyc garanteed rob will be in town for a few days so hit me up if u want to see him

**Note: This was tweeted from a PAPARAZZI AGENCY. Therefore, the information provided in the tweet is not necessarily reliable & the probability of you meeting Rob on this photo shoot is slim to none. If you live in NYC and see Rob striking a pose, please leave him be!

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2 thoughts on “Rob to Head to NYC This Week for Mystery Photo Shoot

  1. Emmm he’s a pap that has been wrong all the times he pretended to have info on R or K (He’s still roaming the Hamptons like a madman looking for Rob and Im waiting for those pics of R,K and Taylor attending a screening in Ny…..oh wait,it didnt happen either).His “sources” are random people on twitter with an agenda.He just loves the attention he gets from fans so he invents something from time to time.Plus I thought this was a no pap site,which it’s one of the great things of this place.I know there are no news lately but this is just a rumour like any other,no official confirmation,and it comes from an awful pap.

    • The reason why I included this tweet on this website was because it was news about the possibility of Rob doing another photo shoot. We have a disclaimer underneath the tweet warning people about the source being unreliable. I thought it was something worth sharing at least :/

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