StyleStew Holiday Edition: Dinner Party Attire


Kristen Stewart in BCBG/H&M by brittb128 featuring slim pants

There is nothing I love more than a fantastic pair of faux leather pants with heels in the winter! No, really. When I saw that Kristen wore H&M leather leggings to the ‘On the Road’ Screening at the Skywalker Ranch in San Francisco this month, my inner fashionista immediately wanted to replicate this look and it’s super easy!

Faux leather is all the rage these days and insanely easy to find. Here is a pair very similar to Kristen’s from H&M for under $40 (in picture above)!  The next step is to find a dark gray blazer with black lapels to match the BCBG item Kristen has on.  Wearing the cuffs rolled up takes the “business” out of “business casual” and leaves a more relaxed appearance, especially if you’re already wearing the leather to spice up an otherwise formal outfit.

The red on red-soled Louboutins were even sexier, but all you need to search for are deep red pointed pumps to add some color – and make the people around you say, “Damn, girl!” just like we all said about Kristen!

(P.S. it’s the perfect holiday outfit for a company party, late dinner with the girls, or even a get together with the fam – the ideal mix of formal and sexy!)

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