Tracey Higgins (Senna from BD2) Mentions Kristen

Did the entire cast, including the newcomers ever get together to hang out?

Oh yeah. Angela (Sarafyan) and Rami Malek, who are part of the Egyptian coven, hosted dinners at night because we were all together on set. We had everyone from Rob and Kristen to come all the way to me and Judi. We just talked and had a good time. We were laughing and joking and got to know each other. No one is estranged as people think they are and everyone is a kind hearted person. Kristen Stewart is a very sweet girl and she treated with nothing but respect. I remember when I was doing the 50 Cent, ‘All Things Fall Apart,’ and I had to fly out to the Miami Film Festival, and flew back, Kristen said, “You’re doing the film with Mario Van Peebles.” I said, “Yeah, he’s the director.” That just shows human interest and that’s important.

Via: Itsoktobeyou
Source: BlackFilm

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