Article About Rob at the GG + Jodie Foster Mentions Kristen at GG Press Con


From LA Times:

Rob is presenting with Amanda Seyfried for adapted screenplay, according to LA Times and talks about his red carpet appearance, his favorite movie of the year, & buddies up with Eddie Redmayne at the awards!

Pattinson is clearly here just to celebrate and is rooting for Joaquin Phoenix, though he’s never met the actor. “The Master” was his favorite movie of the year.

Eddie Redmayne, a fellow Brit, saunters over to the table. “We’re at the same table,” he sings to Pattinson, clearly excited to be seeing his old friend. Redmayne is also in a celebratory mood, thrilled he has nothing to do Monday and happy to hang with old friends.

“Let’s go find the bar, now,” he says to Pattinson, and the two head for a quick drink before the festivities begin.



Jodie Foster mentions Kristen in Press Conference:

(The question at 3:29 & her Kristen mention at 4:25)


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One thought on “Article About Rob at the GG + Jodie Foster Mentions Kristen at GG Press Con

  1. Jodie Foster is great, as a person and as an actress. I have always loved her and today I love her even more! She has said that she adores Kristen, that she is an amazing ‘kid’. Jodie loves Kristen, it is very nice to know. And now she is director/producer, I hope we would see her direct Kristen in a movie and I would love it. The two are so similar – beautiful and intelligent!

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