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Hello my fellow Rob & Kristen lovers! BFD Friday took a bit of a hiatus and now it’s back in action!

This being the first year we won’t have any Twilight saga news (welp), it doesn’t mean that we don’t have PLENTY of exciting times ahead for our couple (together and separate)!  I’ve highlighted Rob and Kristen’s moments from The Academy Awards since award season is definitely in the now and also in Rob and Kristen’s futures!

Rob’s appearance is from 2009 and with our buddy, Joshy Horowitz.  It’s so sad yet interesting to listen to them talk in a time before they even filmed New Moon! Rob definitely looks a lot younger, of course, but it’s funny how his NM era is so distinct with his scruffy face and longer hair. Though his appeal is still 1000% in tact, just saying.

Kristen can be found posing for photos at the same award show the following year.  Although this is not an interview, she is all smiles and is making goofy faces in between.  Her Monique Lhullier gown is one of my favorite fashion moments of hers because of the elegance and sophistication. I hope we find her in more full gowns such as this one this year!


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One thought on “BFD Friday

  1. Lovely trip down memory lane! I don’t think Rob looks any different though. It still amazes me that both Kristen and Rob haven’t changed at all (OK, Rob has changed since the first Twilight as he’s put on some muscle tone) neither in looks nor in attitude. That’s another reason to fall in love with both of them…

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