BFD Friday


Who remembers buying the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD at midnight last year and immediately rushing home to watch the special features? I know I did! I watched the hour long feature so intensely, I almost forgot it was 4 AM.

There are so many great moments from this portion of the “the birth” BTS feature.  I find it fascinating how the crew made this scene come alive from the book, especially with how difficult it was meant to be.  They kept it tasteful, yet still mastered the horror aspect. Watching a movie scene be directed, played out in real time, AND captured on film meant for BTS is incredible, don’t you agree?

Kristen’s grossed out reaction to her “legs” being splayed out is hilarious, but when she’s so deep into her character while screaming and moving around, it’s mind-blowing.  She can’t sit still because of all the energy she has from her character.

All the while, Rob’s getting fed cream cheese and jelly and eating plastic arms and holding a newborn baby. lol And then who can forget his “You’re gonna be alright” as Edward thinks Bella is dead? Rob nailed it!

What are YOUR favorite behind-the-scenes parts? And does this make you excited for the BTS from BDP2?

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2 thoughts on “BFD Friday

  1. Absolutely! My heart almost exploded when (Edward)Rob was trying to revive (Bella) Kristen. That was so gripping, and he nailed it, even though I knew what happened from the book. Both RP and TL said that scene was extremely difficult to play because of Kristen’s ability to achieve death. I almost enjoyed the “Behind the scenes” section as much as the movie.

  2. I remember reading this part for the first time and crying out loud so much that my mum told me to go to another room 😀
    And the way they did it in movie was so great! Both of them were amazing!

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