Hope you all enjoyed last week’s rec! This week’s rec is inspired by the fact that I’ve just spent a good chunk of time in airports/on a plane and couldn’t help but think of this fic.



Title: Departures

Author: TheFicChick


Summary: “Every day for the rest of my life, I will wonder how kissing a virtual stranger goodbye could have felt like a hello.”

Status: Completed


“Home?” he parrots, his frown and dubious tone mirroring my own.

I laugh. “Home,” I say with a little more conviction this time. “You know, home – mailbox, kitchen, bedroom.”

He arches an eyebrow. “Bedroom, huh?”

I shift in my seat. “What?”

He shakes his head, and as he breaks my gaze to look out the window, I can see that the tips of his ears are pink. “Sorry. I’ve been spending too much time with my brothers this week.”

Why?  Because you will want to go hang out in an airport with a heavy bag looking for a sexy man in uniform to offer you the seat beside him. I’m not even kidding. 


Are you reading this fic? If so, tell me what you think in the comments! If not, are you going to start!?

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10 thoughts on “FAN FICTION FRIDAY

  1. Sounds certainly like one I want to read! And it’s not extremely long so it doesn’t keep me from my studying too long 😉 Thank you for these FFF, I have already read so many fic’s so it’s nice to get some new rec’s 🙂

  2. This is a fantastic rec! Soooo funny, clever and very well written. I love this BxE fic. Now that I know what sort of stories you guys are in to, I’m subscribing to your recs.

    • YAY! I’m so glad you’re subscribing to us! I’ll be working on making this better and better each week – I’m going with the response to it all! This coming week there’s already a few new updates coming!

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