Guy Pearce Mentions Rob in The Rover at Sundance Film Festival



Guy Pearce, who plays Eric in the film, The Rover, talks about Rob:

“He just seems like a bright and sensitive kid,” Guy tells us. “So I just think he’s really right for the role.”

Guy Pearce also gets humble about Rob’s praise of working with him on the film:

“Um I don’t know, hopefully he thinks so!” Guy says. “I think it’s about collaborating and all getting on the same page. It doesn’t matter how experienced or inexperienced someone is, you hopefully just all understand each other and realize you are all on the same film together.

See all fanpics (1| 23) of Rob in Australia as he preps for his role as Reynolds in The Rover!

Via: Robert Pattinson News
Photo Source: Variety
Source: Hollywood Life

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