New FanPics of Rob Arriving in Australia – Jan 16

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 9.33.02 PM

Adelaide, Australia

What do these pics mean? Well, Rob will begin filming his part in The Rover. Hopefully, we will be getting some on-set pics and maybe a set visit from his one-and-only 😉

Source: Instagram / oohalla /_taylahcailees / lucyprom (airport in Melbourne) | Twitter / lovatostratford / oohalla

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5 thoughts on “New FanPics of Rob Arriving in Australia – Jan 16

    • They can’t have a normal relationship with cameras in their faces constantly. Would you want to be
      photograhed every single day of your life with people commenting on everything you wear and do,
      EVERY SINGLE DAY? No, you wouldn’t. They need a break and some privacy, which they were
      somewhat able to do over New Year’s and the week after. Now, he’s working.

      • I can’t agree more with you, you are totally right about the pic’s hunting and constant judgments. They deserve their privacy and peaceful place just like anybody else.

  1. some says the shades belong to kstew? they look familiar tho..are those the same ones kstew wearing in the balcony?..just sayin’, Idk.. I could b wrong..

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