Possible Kristen Sighting Walking Her Dogs – Jan 22


Tweets/Details of the sighting:

So this is the picture my aunt took. She said Kristen was cleaning up the poop from her dogs

Yeah, not the best picture. My aunt didn’t want to get close to her. She said she left pretty quickly and she was surprised how tiny she was

It was this morning. My aunt saw her when she went hiking in Hollywood

So Kristen is probably long gone. My aunt saw her when she was hiking on sunset in Hollywood

Note: Although this account is very adamant in saying that this was a REAL Kristen sighting, the dogs in the picture (in my opinion) look nothing like Bear or Bearnie (since Bear is a medium-sized brown dog and Bearnie is a medium-large-sized white dog with brown spots). The dog in the picture looks small, but oh well, it’s a possible Kristen sighting nonetheless.

Source: Twitter / Stewdefy

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One thought on “Possible Kristen Sighting Walking Her Dogs – Jan 22

  1. I enlarged the photo; from what I could make out, Bernie’s lying on the road to her right, and Bear’s hiding behind her. Kristen is, of course, bent at the waist scooping up their waste, being a responsible pet person. (I wish my neighbors could pick up that habit!) While I can’t say 100% it’s her and the kids, it sure does look like them!

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