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Kristen Stewart, Nylon Magazine, March 2009

Nobody should ever put what I say in a magazine.”

This is one of my very favorite quotes from Kristen. Why? Because it defines her relationship with the press and media in general. Kristen knows herself better than anybody and she always has. She knew her flaws and her weaknesses well before the mainstream media started picking her apart for every little stutter or misstep of “word vomit.” LOL! Kristen is a very insightful person and always has been. At least, we at StrictlyRobsten, think so. πŸ˜‰


Source: Nylon


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7 thoughts on “StrictlyRobsten Quote of the Day

  1. That quote is really cute but I disagree. LOL She is always more free in print interviews and more relaxed, I guess, that she is on video. Yes, when all this Twilight stuff started in 2008, she was so nervous, she could hardly say a sentence-I think because she was afraid of ticking off the Twilight fans. As time has gone on, she is now very good at interviews and seems like an old hand at it now. She still gets a little nervous at times on video, but that’s just her. I love reading her print interviews because she is very honest and just lets it fly now! And, it’s fascinating to read what she says about acting-she loves it so much and it shows.

    • Pamela:
      Hello! Lettie (SR Admin and Quote of the Day author) here. THANK YOU for your comment! I agree with you 100%. I hope my thoughts on the comment didn’t come across wrong. I have always thought Kristen was insightful and thoughtful since I started closely following her career 5 years ago. I was more or less commenting on what the main stream media has said about her. Kristen has always known herself and her “flaws” better than any person in the media who has things to say about. However, these “flaws” are what make me such a huge fan of hers. To me, she’s real and doesn’t try to be something she’s not. And even when she stumbles on her words (then and now) it’s not because she’s an idiot; it’s because she’s SO THOUGHTFUL and cares so much about what she’s saying and wants to say the right thing about what she cares so deeply about. Again, THANK YOU for your awesome comment! Keep reading. πŸ™‚

      • And, thank you for this site! I love Kristen and Rob, and to use a Twilight quote, I will love them both and follow their careers, “until my heart stops beating.” And, no, I understood your comments too. “she’s real and doesn’t try to be something she’s not.” Exactly! And, her so-called “flaws” and the media/internet bashing that unfortunately never seems to stop, just makes me love her more and want to defend her! And, yes, I will keep reading!

  2. I like the video interviews more than the printed ones. Just because I dont entirely believe anything I dont see her directly say. I think press always changes things people say or uses them in different context.
    I remember reading in one local magazine “Kristens hobbys: yoga, riding horses…” And I was like “what”? Ive seen so many interviews where she said she hated riding horses.
    Anyway, Im little bit off the topic here πŸ™‚
    I love this quote. Its so Kristen. And I totally agree with your comment πŸ™‚

  3. It’s bitter sweet-They take her comments and ===internet take her comments and twist them. either way vidoes or mags.

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