StyleStew Saturday

It was an amazing surprise when Kristen showed up in NYC for the 'On the Road' screening in September – and in more Balenciaga! Kristen's casual cool look matched her low key appearance in a creme Balenciaga blouse and black ALC pants, but she dressed them up with strappy Jimmy Choo heels.  It's easy to believe she's actually wearing rolled up track pants, but that's what I love about it! She even wore these to the airport on the way to Toronto for TIFF. Super casssschh.
What really impressed me about this entire look wasn't just the outfit, but Kristen's hair and makeup! Her smokey eyes can be seen from a mile away and I love when she pulls her hair back into a ponytail!
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One thought on “StyleStew Saturday

  1. She seems so thin and tired on this picture, but so beautiful too. I love this girl. Her parents must be very proud of her, I know I would be if she were my daughter.

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