How is everyone doing? I’m supposed to be getting two feet of snow today and tomorrow… for the record: I’m not a winter person. The only thing I like to do in the winter is ice skate and you can do that inside. So, I’ll probably be reading or writing during my snow day(s) 🙂

I got bored a few nights ago and made some banners for my Top 5 Favorite Completed FanFics. Check them out HERE if you’re interested. If you need the PDF’s then comment/tweet/message me and I can send them your way!

& onto our lovely rec’s for the weekend! One WIP and one Completed!


Title: Professionally Professional

Author: DH78


Summary: Aspiring tattoo artist, Bella Swan works a nine-to-five job at Cullen Energy, Inc. When forced to work with the cold, elusive, and very hot CEO, she discovers they have something in common. Can she keep things professional personal? E/B Humor/Romance.

Status: WIP


That’s when I notice the file in his other hand, and when he places it on my desk right next to my keyboard, I look down.

His long fingers rest on the file, and my eyes follow upwards until I see something that totally screws with my brain.


Just a sliver of black ink peaks out from under his very expensive looking silver watch and cuffed sleeve, right on the wrist.

Cullen’s tatted up.

This is a new development. And I’m totally turned on.

“By lunch time tomorrow, Miss Swan. Yes?”

Shit. He’s talking again.

When I look up, he’s staring at me like I must be crazy.

I must be.

I clear my throat nervously before replying.

“Yes, Cullen… I mean, yes, Mr. Cullen, sir. I’ll have that done and come for you… I mean… come to you tomorrow with the proposals. You can count on me, sir, Mr. Cullen… sir.”

Shit. I’m an imbecile.

His brow arches before he straightens and walks away.

Why:  Who are you kidding… you saw the word tattoo & were immediately intrigued! I was. It’s adorable and romantic and lusty lemony all at the same time.  I read the first chapter and I was hooked!


Title: A Beautiful Mess

Author: Livie79


Summary: Tormented by the past, Bella struggles to find her self worth. A musician at heart, her soul lies on the lines of her paper. A would be one night stand turns her world upside down. Can Bella see past her imagined flaws and allow someone to love her? ExB

Status: Completed


I tiptoed forward quickly, hoping to scoot past the door before the occupant came out, but instead ran straight into a warm body.

“Shit!” the girl in front of me gasped. I looked up into a pair of dull blue eyes ringed in red. She looked as fucked up as I felt. I sidestepped around her shaking my head.

“Sorry,” I whispered glancing behind me to make sure we hadn’t woken anyone. She followed my gaze before letting out a chuckle.

“Fuck and duck, huh?” she asked, leaning against the door frame and crossing her arms over her chest.

I shifted uncomfortably wanting to bypass this chit chat bullshit and get the fuck out of here.

“Yeah, something like that,” I sighed running my hand through my hair. She looked me over and nodded before motioning her head back behind her.

“The front door is straight down the hall and to the left.” she stated, pushing off the door frame.

Why? First off, this is an amazing author & you’ll be seeing more of her fics in my recs. Secondly, I really just fell in love with this story. Its emotional, angsty and pulls you right in. Those are my favorite kinds! 


I had said I would try a “What I’m reading” fic each week but it’s too inconsistent right now. I will tell you Dissecting Edward, a fic I rec’d a couple weeks ago, has updated a few times since & WOW! It just keeps getting better. If you aren’t reading it, please do! The author is also incredibly sweet!

Title: Dissecting Edward

Author: ChynnaDoll36


Summary: Edward is a 35 year old world reknowned cardio-surgeon, husband and womanizer. He wants out of his marriage. His wife has other ideas. She hires the expertise of, Dr. Bella Swan, marriage therapist, to save their marriage. Is it a wise decision to bring the gorgeous Dr. Swan and your cheating husband together in hopes of fixing a failed marriage? AH E&B story rated M for LEMONS.


Will you read any of these fics? Or all three?

Talk to me in the comments!


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15 thoughts on “FAN FICTION FRIDAY

  1. I have really loved Dissecting Edward. I can’t wait until the next update. I re-read all FF i love twice, so there. I will definitely read the other two also. I am transferring them to my bookmarks. Thank you so much.

  2. I’ve read A Beautiful Mess. Lovely story and that Edward is what we all dream our boyfriends to be like. I’m reading Dissecting Edward and it’s at a very angsty place at the moment. Very hard to endure but still engaging. I’ll check out your other rec.

    • I agree! BM is lovely 🙂 DE just pulled me in and has kept me there! I know it’s super angsty at the moment but I love that! Hope you enjoy PP!

  3. Profesionally Professional is right up my ally! Unf. definitely adding that to my faves and Dissecting Edward… I.CANNOT. afkaksjghakjgkagh Ive had too much angst in my fanfic diet so I may have to momentarily pass on the other two…

    • YAY! PP is epic. Let me know what you think! And DE ..Oh but its SO SO GOOOD!I guess I’ll just have to let you know when the angst goes away a bit and you can dive in.

  4. I’m loving your recs more every friday! I just finished A pound of flesh (Rec last week) and I’m just blown away, I’ve been posting it all over twitter (No shame) Thank you! BTW You think you can send me the PDF’s that you mentioned? I’d love to read those too! Thank you so much already! xx

  5. Im gonna read Profesionally personal while waiting for new chapter of Practicum 🙂
    PP looks really cool with the tattoo stuff!

  6. Look forward to FanFic Friday every week! Thank You! Am loving DE too….just hard to wait for the WIP ones to wrote new chapters…. ; )

    • Hey! That’s what I like to hear! DE is definitely one of my favorite WIP’s but yes, its hard to wait! The author is really good at updating though, don’t you think?

  7. Any chance you can still send me PDFs of these stories? I don’t need “Clipped Wings” – already got that one. I’m headed out on a trip without internet so can’t read on the fanfiction website. I did send an email requesting the same thing so if you just haven’t had time to get to it then don’t worry about this comment. Thanks so much. Love the recommendations!

  8. Hey, I want to read Dissecting Edward and was wondering if you had a pdf you can send me? Any pdfs of good stories you recommend would be great actually. Thanks.

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