How is everyone doing? It’s almost March, how crazy is that?! Breaking Dawn part 2 will be on DVD within a week. Holy bittersweet emotions! I’m excited to see it again and be able to pause and rewind the awesome parts. I’m pumped to see the extra scenes/features! I am so sad though that this is the last Twilight movie DVD. I know we’ll probably get special ones but..this is technically the last one! SO WEIRD. Okay enough of my rambling..


Title: The Traveler

Author: MidnightLove87


Summary: Airport after airport, you travel around the world, but why? Is there rhyme or reason to it? When Bella’s new career has her traveling and bumping into the same fellow over and over will she chalk it up to coincidence or will she want more with him? Englishward/Olderward/Skyward Written for the one and only Midnight Cougar!


“Here, can you use these?” I heard someone say in a deep British accent that made my toes suddenly want to curl, as I saw a hand jut out in front of my eyes, full of napkins.

Small miracles do happen.

“Yeah, thanks,” I said softly, realizing how loud I must’ve been.

I looked up, offering an apologetic smile to the beautiful stranger holding the napkins.

I stood there, momentarily frozen, struck by his initial beauty. As odd as that was to say about a man, it was true about this one. He put the word handsome to shame. His eyes were really what caught me. They were like a bright sea green that made me forget all about my leg, and the mess I had made.

“Let me know if you need anything else.”

Once he spoke, it was his voice that I couldn’t stop concentrating on. It was deep, but not rough at all. Almost sweet. And that accent… Wow… So fucking sexy!

I quickly began patting at the now cooling coffee, with the napkins the stranger had offered. In my dazed state, I had forgotten that I was still standing in the middle of an aisle on a busy airplane.

The beautiful man smiled at me, softly.

“Thank you,” I whispered, still a little stunned.

“You’re welcome, see you around,” he told me.

Excerpt: Completed

Why? BRITISH EDWARD? Why are you still reading this? You should be reading The Traveler. 



Title: Wild Child

Author: FluffyLiz


Summary: Just months away from inheriting a fortune and the family business, 17 year old orphan, Bella, is out of control – a wild child with a platinum card and a killer bod. Can Edward, as her legal guardian and CEO of Swan Publishing, rein her in and prevent her from ruining everything he’s worked for? AH, OOC. Rated M for language, adult situations and dramatic plotlines.

Status: Completed


Bella recalled, with startling clarity, the first time she had set eyes on Edward Cullen, when he had been invited to dinner by her parents. She had been eight years old and Edward was interning at her father’s firm on some kind of student exchange scheme. The moment she saw him, standing in the living room talking to her dad, she had been enraptured. Tall and lean, with a shock of artfully gelled, glossy auburn hair, Bella had practically swooned when he turned to her with a wide smile—even at eight, Bella suspected she would never again experience a reaction so strong and all-consuming with any other man.

Fresh out of Harvard, Edward was a charming but cocky twenty-two year old American who thought he knew it all. But something about him drew in Charlie Swan and a father-son bond was forged between the self-made English millionaire businessman and the brash American trust-fund baby. And, despite his air of superiority, Edward found himself looking up to Charlie, admiring the tenacious spirit with which he had dragged himself out of his impoverished, single parent background of public housing and under-funded, inner-city schooling, to build a successful, multi-million pound publishing business.

Why? There’s a tension and intensity in this fic that I couldn’t pull myself away from. I was drawn in from the first chapter. Edward is powerful and bold, Bella is young and living life! If you’ve got some free time this weekend I definitely recommend giving this fic a try!


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