Happy February! No, that’s not right… HAPPY FIC-UARY! Yes, that’s better. I can’t believe we’re already a month into 2013, it’s flying! I will say it every time but I am so thankful for the response that these posts get! I love sharing rec’s with you all and hearing what you’re reading!

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If you’d like to suggest a fanfic it must be within these categories:

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  2. Rob/Kristen’s films fanfic (i.e Cosmopolis, WTTR, WFE, Adventureland crossovers etc.)

* If you’re an author who is trying to get more readers, please feel free to email and let me know about your story! I’d love to check it out & possibly feature it on the site!*


Title: Wisp

Author: Cris


Summary: Edward wins more than he bargained for at what was supposed to be a friendly poker game. AH. Ysar made me my banner!

Status: WIP


The sun hadn’t risen yet, but the grey pre-dawn light was getting brighter as Edward blinked away the fog of a night of poker. He rubbed his face, staring at the unwelcome truck in his driveway. James had said there were tools in there. Maybe there was something useful? Emmett wouldn’t mind—he could call it interest on the loan he’d extended Emmett.

Unlocking his house, Edward turned on the outside light and peered through the tinted windows on the side of the truck’s camper shell. The windows were so dark and dirty that he couldn’t see anything so, resigned, he fished the keys out of the cab and walked around back, slotting the smaller key into the lock on the back of the camper shell.

The key did not want to turn, but Edward jiggled it until it finally clicked. He turned the handle, hearing the grating sound of rusty parts, and shoved the vertical door up.


Why? Your heart will pound in your chest with every single chapter in this fic. It has a direct connection to your emotions and plays them like a harp. I completely recommend this fic & I know most of my friends do as well. Lots of angst — which makes me love it even more. I feel like it breaks the rules of TwiFic but in the BEST way possible.


Title: A Pound Of Flesh

Author: jaxon22


Summary: To pay a debt she owes her father, Isabella Swan starts a new job as a prison tutor. Edward Cullen, with his own debts, is the Punk Ass inmate in her class. Can they fight the odds and their dangerous attaction to learn from each other? A/H, Lemons, OOC

Status: Completed


“Isabella,” Charlie gurgled as his knees hit the floor, his eyes blurring with blood, sweat and tears. “Please, baby.”

Isabella made to move towards him to help her hero but her arm was suddenly being pulled hard in the opposite direction. She breathed in slight relief, expecting to see Agent Ephraim holding her but was stunned to see a person not much taller than her, wearing a dirty, black hoodie, dragging her violently away from where her father was being beaten.

“No,” she screamed loudly as the stranger dragged her faster, “Daddy! Daddy!”

“Keep moving!” the stranger hissed from under his cap and hood. “We have to get away from them. They’ll kill your ass! Move!”

“I can’t,” Isabella sobbed. “My Dad…”

The stranger didn’t stop to listen as the adrenaline pumped through him and instead pulled her into the doorway of an abandoned building two blocks from where the resounding and terrifying sound of gunfire filled the air. Isabella screamed and yanked her hand hard from her rescuers grip. She began running back in the direction of the attack but was wrestled to the floor by strong and firm hands that pinned her down from behind.

Why: I read this as she updated and it was hell because it’s so absolutely epic that you just CAN’T put it down. I fell head over heels in love with PunkAssWard (PAW) and Bella/Peaches. Trust me when I say, if you haven’t read this already you must do it NOW!


These are two of my most FAVORITE fanfics ever! Have you read either of them?  Are you going to read them now?

Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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