srFanficFridayHAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I went a little crazy on the banner, pink and red are lovely colors. I personally love Valentines Day because I love any holiday where eating mass amounts of chocolate/candy is socially acceptable (I’m also looking at you Easter & Halloween!)

I figured I’d do a Valentines Day Edition instead of a Friday because..why not?

Here’s two fics that I love dearly!


Title:  String Theory

Author: theladyingrey42


Summary: “Eleven dimensions. Infinite parallel realities. And in all of them, I love her.” Muppets, math, and physicists falling in love. Fluff and eventual lemons. ExB, AH.

Status: Completed


I know she lives in an old neighborhood, far away from student housing – that she doesn’t socialize with anyone from our program much at all. That she’s insanely beautiful and that she could have anyone she wants, but that she never, ever dates. That her voice, as rare as it is to hear, is gentle and low.

That she’s smart. Brilliant. Smarter than me, and I’m not trying to brag when I tell you that’s saying something.

I know she likes theoretical versus experimental physics, that she earned the only A in Dr. Banner’s nanoscale class last semester, and that string theory is her area of interest.

I know she looks particularly insanely beautiful in blue.

And as I hitch my backpack higher on my shoulders and shove my glasses up my nose, I decide there’s one other thing I know.

I know that today’s the day I’m going to go up to her.

Today’s the day I’m going to say hello.

Why? I’m a sucker for The Big Bang Theory. I’ve seen every episode, I can quote it like it’s my job and I love nerdy things. Therefore, this fic hit me hard & I love love love love love it.


Title: Conversations Over Coffee

Author: cosmogirl7481


Summary: Conversations over coffee. Sometimes when you meet “the one,” falling is easy – as simple as talking. Effortless. You just have to find the words. AH

Status: Completed


“What’s your name?”

She asks me this as if she’s entitled to know. And maybe she is.


She definitely is.

“Why do you want to know?”

I challenge her, because I really want to know the answer to the question. I really do want to know why she would be interested in knowing anything about me.

“Well, first of all, you know my name.”

“Yeah…and?” I say, playing with the little silver flippy thing on the sugar container. I briefly wonder what it’s called. “Your name is on your badge, Bella.”

My heart stutters a bit as I say it.

Her name.

Why? Because everyone needs some humor/romance fics in their life. 




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