Hair Stylist Danilo Talks Kristen’s Oscar Hair for This Sunday


Hair Stylist Danilo will be working with Kristen on Sunday for her appearance at The Academy Awards!  He gives us some hints to her look – she’ll be wearing a gown and possibly hair accessories!

With Kristen [Stewart], I think I’ll probably end up giving her glam hair. I mean, she’s wearing a gown—shocker, I know—and since she’s young, she can get away with a really serious gown if she wants. But, you know, even if she just washed her hair, dried it, and diffused it and went with a big-deal beautiful gown, she’d look great and young and fashion and chic… We’re not going to make her look like an old lady, that’s for sure. I just want to give her hair that she can touch, move in, and feel glamorous about… Why wouldn’t a movie star want to look like a movie star? Also, I’ll just say that I already asked her stylist to bring accessories for the hair—with these side-swept looks, jewelry in the hair can be so amazing.

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Via: Kstewartnews
Source: Into the Gloss 

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One thought on “Hair Stylist Danilo Talks Kristen’s Oscar Hair for This Sunday

  1. Yipee! Something to get excited about this Sunday. The academy awards is not even in my thoughts until I find out that Kristen is gonna be there. I am so happy for Kristen. I can’t wait to see our gorgeous Kristen on Sunday. Kristen’s presence in the Academy is giving a much needed resuscitation to the otherwise boring show. The only thing I watched from last year’s Academy show is when I found out a part of the prom dance in twilight with Kristen and Rob is in a movie montage. Of course I watched it here in this site. That was marvelous. I wish a repeat of that too this year:)

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