Kristen at the Academy Awards – VIDEOS – Feb 24

Check out our MASTER POST of Kristen at the Academy Awards here (TONS of HQs, MQs, Screencaps & more!)


In the audience

Red Carpet

Click here to watch MTV’s Josh and Kristen’s adorable exchange.


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Academy Awards, Kristen Stewart

One thought on “Kristen at the Academy Awards – VIDEOS – Feb 24

  1. How cute-saw her talking to Eddie Redmayne and his date-was that at the Vanity Fair party or somewhere else-I couldn’t tell. It’s good they got to catch up. The one with Kelly Ripa was hard to hear but I think Kelly wanted to get her a doctor? That’s cute too. I’m glad Kristen went – sorry she was in pain the whole time but it would’ve been rude not to go-being an Oscar presenter is a big deal. And, she and Daniel were so cute together.

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