New Pic of Kristen & Daniel Radcliffe Rehearsing Before the Oscars in EW

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EW also featured a little snippet of the Anne Hathway/Kristen Stewart Backstage encounter:

Early in the ceremony, Kristen Stewart was hobbling on crutches backstage when Les Miz star Anne Hathaway appeared, clutching both her Best Supporting Actress trophy and her husband, Adam Shulman.

“Oh, man, what happened?” Hathaway asked Stewart.

“Nothing,” said the Twilight star, who was about to present the Production Design award with Daniel Radcliffe. “I’m just an idiot.” (Stewart had stepped on a broken bottle two days before.)

“Please tell me you’re going out there with the crutches,” Hathaway said, smiling warmly.

Stewart laughed and shook her head. “No, I’ll be fine.”

“All right, well, good luck,” Hathaway said, waving as she moved on. “Break a leg!” It took the newly minted Oscar winner three steps before she stopped dead, cringing in agony. “I didn’t mean that!” she called back over her shoulder.

Check out the scans of the magazine here. We posted the 2 EW Backstage pics here of Kristen with Daniel Radcliffe and another talking to Anne Hathaway.

Via: Livejournal / KStewartFans
Source: EW | Twitter / joylove24

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