Rob’s Next Project, Mission: Blacklist, Filming Schedule & Location Update

Here’s a new update about Rob’s next project! According to an email from a partner at Embankment Films, filming for Mission: Blacklist starts this April and it will NOT be in Iraq. We are still uncertain as to where they are location scouting, but we’ll let you know as soon as the news breaks 🙂 Looks like Rob’s got a busy year ahead of him!

Filming Schedule:

  • Currently in pre-production
  • SPP (Start of Principle Photography): April 2013
  • Tentative Theatrical Release: Summer 2014


Location Update:

@blacklistmovie: More Mission: Blacklist update directly from Embankment Films re filming location “It will not be Iraq, they start shooting in April.”

Via: Twitter / blacklistmovie | RPLife
Source: Embankment Films

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2 thoughts on “Rob’s Next Project, Mission: Blacklist, Filming Schedule & Location Update

  1. Maybe they will do it in MOROCCO, it’s not dangerous as in Iraq.
    MISSION BLACKLIST is THE movie I want to see, over all the others with Rob.

    • I am glad he is going to do the film, but the Directors and Producers need to know that Iraq is dangerous for all foreigners; especially the British and Americans. My husband just returned from a tour in Iraq and these people are still blowing themselves up and everybody else for allah. Something about going to paradise and getting 72 virgins along with rivers of wine. They have no regard for human life. Please fine someplace else to shoot this film. Mr. Pattinson is to much of a gentleman to be in that part of the world. Nevada has plenty of desert or Utah (salt) Please be careful

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