SR EXCLUSIVE: Stephenie Meyer Compares The Host Cast to Rob & Kristen’s Chemistry


Strictly Robsten: In my opinion, much of Twilight’s success lends itself to Rob [Pattinson] and Kristen [Stewart]’s chemistry. Would you say that the boys [Max Irons & Jake Abel] and Saoirse [Ronan] have that same kind of chemistry and would you say that that was key in making the decision for casting them for each of their respective roles?

Stephenie Meyer: Absolutely! Chemistry was the number one thing we were looking for when we were auditioning. Once we knew Saoirse was in, it all became about who is going to complement her on the screen, how is it going to make you feel. The interesting thing is that there are two different relationships happening here because it’s not Saoirse with Max and Saoirse with Jake; it’s Wanda with Jake and Melanie with Max. She’s two different people and she’s so amazingingly talented—it’s very distinct. We actually had to have two very separate kinds of chemistry because Wanda doesn’t fall in love the same way that Melanie does. That was really interesting and I think it worked out fantastically. I remember watching their auditions, and that’s the first thing Andrew [Niccol] told me about Max—because I wasn’t around for that one because it was in London—and he said “wait, the chemistry, you can cut it with a knife in that room!”— and it was totally there. And then Jake, who I have always loved as an actor and he just has that leading man charisma, I was really nervous to watch his audition because I thought he was going to be really great for it. And then it was totally there! Oh man! I still remember this hug that he gave [Saoirse] where it was the shape of them suddenly was something new and really interesting. I was like Oh! So there! That was the part of it; that was how we cast and I feel like it really came through.

For those of you interested in listening to the audio of our fan site roundtable interview, click here.

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2 thoughts on “SR EXCLUSIVE: Stephenie Meyer Compares The Host Cast to Rob & Kristen’s Chemistry

  1. I saw the trailer of The Host and it looked really good but I don’t think that the on-screen chemistry is the same and not as magical as Twilight with Kristen and Rob.

  2. we have to wait and see… I didn’t even watch Twilight in the theater but heard about it so much so i got curious and bought the book first and just love it. Then watch the film on DVD. Yes, you could see the chemistry of Rob and Kristen but I think their off screen chemistry and their being together has something to do with it (a small part). I can’t get enough of them. They just fit really well together.

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