StyleStew Saturday

This is a girl who can wear any piece of clothing – no matter how small – and look like a million bucks.  Believe what you want, but put together tastefully, this combo of business trouser and crop top could go just about anywhere.  I mean, the crop top can’t travel with you to the office, but you could totally recycle the pants!
Kristen is wearing head-to-toe Balenciaga and has been in style magazines for this skin baring ensemble a few different times.  What really pulls the pieces together is the way the pants lay above her belly button, leaving a peep of skin showing.  It’s not really a belly top when you cover most of your belly.  That’s the difference between Kristen and the similar crop top in the set above.
I own the H&M black slacks featured in the set and I love them even more because the pockets flare out giving you more dimension, just as Kristen’s do.  If you don’t feel comfortable showing your stomach (which I don’t!), choose a solid white or creme tank instead.  This look is very minimalistic and so on trend for spring with the black and white!
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