Cute Rob Fan Encounter From Adelaide


My niece has just moved to Adelaide and I caught up with her yesterday for a chat. Her boyfriend Aaron, is an animal wrangler and has been working up north and it was his birthday the day before. He rang her and said he’d be heading down to Adelaide and was bringing a friend to meet her. She met him and his ‘new bestie’ at a local was only the one and only Mr. Rob Pattinson!!! She said he was extremely quiet and ultra-polite – very ‘British’, lol. He told her that he’d gotten to know Aaron while shooting in the outback and ‘just had’ to meet his girlfriend because he never stopped talking about her! The three of them sat out in the beergarden and drank and talked most of the night. He said that he loved Australia, Adelaide in particular…nobody bothered him, he could go shopping, ride around on his bike, see some of the sights, go to the pub, like ‘it was normal’. Ellie (my niece) said, ‘But THAT is normal’, he replied, (quite sadly) ‘Not any more.’ :/ He told her he got REALLY embarrassed when people would grab him for a photo and told her that he usually ended up ‘looking ridiculous, or pulling some stupid face’ and that they probably deleted them afterwards out of disappointment. She laughed out loud, and then shut up when she said she realised he was absolutely serious. (Consequently no photos got taken, because she didn’t want to embarrass him). Anyway, she said it was a great night, they didn’t get blind drunk, but ‘chatty’, and ended up doing a couple of rounds of ‘shooters’…all up she said he was ‘adorable’ and ‘much better looking than in the photos Auntie Jo..’ *sigh*

Via: Twitter / LadyFairyPants
Source: Facebook / Joanne Lauritsen

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3 thoughts on “Cute Rob Fan Encounter From Adelaide

  1. I have a question,have you ever visited psychics’ sites?I don’t want to make someone angry,but some psychic claims that Rob is a sinlgle now and it’s tabloids that make believe fans that he and Kristen are still a couple.This should the end at the end of the summer.This psychic is somehow respested and he was right many times in many cases before.

    • which psychic are you talking about? also keep in mind that those psychics also seek attention so they are not necessarily right. and it’s funny that others predict wedding for them lol

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