I’ll just facepalm myself here.  I plugged in a date to publish this thinking it was Friday..turns out it was Monday. Obviously jet lag and me don’t get along very well. *shakes head*

The Host comes out on Friday and wholeheartedly recommend you go! The film is a great adaption to a very detailed book. I will say if you haven’t read the book/aren’t interested in reading it; you should still see the movie. Saoirse, Jake and Max are incredible and the chemistry is CRAZY. I laughed, I cried, I sang loudly to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons at the end (no, but really.. I did.)

Here’s two lovely rec’s. We’re almost in April! Holy Edward! When did that happen?! 2013, slow down! ‘

Serious question: Would anyone be interested in guest recs? You would fill out the same format as I do and rec a fic that is near and dear to you? Yes? No? Thoughts? Let me know. If you are interested please email your submission to: 


 Title:  Barefoot in Texas

Author: planetblue


Summary: I watch her jumping, prancing, her hands empty but taking pictures. Her feet bare on the hot Texas earth. Everything in my life that was planned to a T just whirled away in a ruffled skirt.

Status: Completed


Jumping down, he’s laughing as he walks away. “Cullen, you’ve got so many chicks waiting in line for your Johnson, you’ll have no problem. Hell, they’re dying to perfect their walk of shame coming from your place.” Crushing his can in his beefy hand, he turns to me. “Gettin’ another, you want?”

“Yeah, alright.” I admire his effortlessness as he goes, high-fiving and wrapping his arms around girls’ shoulders as he makes his way to the coolers. It must be nice not to have to worry about how others perceive you.

The dancers seem to have given up and are basically just jumping while they hoot and holler, everyone relieved to be done for the year. I see who I think is the shutterbug in the mix, the headlights behind her causing her features to be blacked out by the backlight. The image is soothing, just a faceless, non-descript shape moving to the music, and I have the feeling she has no care in the world.

I’m hit with a sudden unnerving pang I can’t identify.

Why? The main reason? Mel (owner of this site) is from Texas. Anything from there reminds me of her. I had to read this because of her. She’s awesome.  Yay Tehas! I love how this fic is written and its short and sweet.


 Title:  Blood and Lust

Author:  awesomesauce76


Summary:  Edward is having trouble balancing his urges for Bella’s blood and Bella’s body before the wedding. What started out as a simple “Practice Fic” has become a retelling of BD from EPOV that lets us see just how much he struggles for control at every turn.

Status: Completed


When Bella had entered the classroom, I was curious about her. I had noticed in the cafeteria that I couldn’t pick up on her thoughts yet, so I was determined to pry a little harder and see if I could crack whatever brick wall was in my way. As she walked closer to me, I studied her appearance and didn’t see anything that I would have called noteworthy. She was fairly attractive, but just as many of the other girls at the school were. None of them ever did anything for me, either. I honestly didn’t see what had all of the other boys at school in such a state, other than the fact that she was something new. I probably would not have taken any more notice of her at all if it hadn’t been for the fact that I couldn’t hear her thoughts. That intrigued me. And frustrated me.

I don’t like to be frustrated.

Why? AwesomeSauce76 has always been a favorite author of mine. I am also very intrigued by any retelling/ version of the original Twilight books. This just caught my eye and ended up being a really interesting read.


Again, interested in guest recommendations? Email me.

& don’t forget to let these lovely authors know StrictlyRobsten sent you!

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    The link to Blood and Lust by awesomesauce76 leads to Offside by Savage7289!


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