It’s the last Friday in March! I think next month I’m going to switch it up, try a few new things with FFF 🙂 Nothing intense but I want to keep you all interested!


Title: Pure Revelations

Author: georgialion


Summary: E & B share a class at UDub, but not much else. She’s shy & reserved as she adjusts to a new life. He’s angry & isolated because of his upbringing in the mysterious and secretive LaVerrot Estates. Fate brings them together, but will their love be allowed?

Status:  Completed


“Come on, Edward.” I could tell by her voice that she was smiling. “You know I have to get on your schedule early. I mean, you stay soooo busy sleeping and eating and playing video games…”

Now see, that just pisses me off. I can do whatever I want to when I’m on a break from school! That’s why it’s called a break, right?

“…and I just wanted to make sure you would be here when Mom and I get back from yoga class.” She’s ignoring my growing agitation.

Wait, did she say yoga class?

She hears my quick intake of breath and begins to elaborate. “Mrs. Hale is teaching an early class today because she knows that we’re all very busy with last minute preparations for the holidays.”

Oh, that devious pixie knows me too well. How can I go back to sleep now when I’m picturing Charlotte Hale and the other hot Stepford Wives and their daughters exercising just a few doors down? The fitness center here at our little gated neighborhood, or, as I call it, the “Conformity Compound,” is utilized to its fullest by the ladies of the community. They gather there in tight workout clothes to gyrate and bend their bodies, to maintain tight asses and toned abs. My plastic surgeon father claims that their smooth, line-free skin and long, lean limbs are from “healthy lifestyle choices and clean living”- not from a syringe of botox or liposuction. Whatever. I could care less if he has ever worked on them…just let me enjoy the view.

Why? It’s just one of those fics! Its fun to read, it holds your attention and has a great Edward and Bella!


Title: Without Reserve

Author: DH78


Summary: Bella sees him all the time as he mans the reserves desk at the campus library. She thinks she’s got him pegged. What she doesn’t know might surprise her. WINNING ENTRY FOR THE FIC THIS GIF ANON CONTEST: “HIGHEST SWOON FACTOR”

Status: Complete


“Hi, Edward. Anyone ever tell you not to read and walk?” I teased.

He snorted lightly. “Yeah, I guess it isn’t a great idea when you think about it.”

I smiled in response. “How are you today? Ready for the weekend?”

“Um, yeah, I suppose,” he replied quietly, taking the printout of reserved listings I needed and my student ID from my hands. His fingers only touched mine for a second, but there was always something about it. I always felt a little tingle. He moved to sit in front of his computer screen to scan my card and look up the items’ location in the back room.

Why: I’m still waiting not so patiently for this to be a full fic (I wish). It just pulled me in and I’m so in love with it. 


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