Yes, I know. Epic fail. It’s Monday and not Friday. I hope you don’t mind too much. Somehow this past weekend got away from me and I feel terrible. I’ve already set up the next couple of weeks so other than a few touches they’re ready to go and will be right on schedule!

Melissa (the owner of Strictly Robsten) and me are heading to LA this Friday for The HOST promo & premiere! We’re extremely excited to get to go & so thankful we got an invite! I’m re-reading the book again & watching all the trailers, looking at all the stills and getting into HOST mode!

Here’s two rec’s for the week.. It’s a slow monday because of day light savings so I hope these keep you going.


Alright the first rec isn’t like our normal recs because its entries to the Taste of the Forbidden contest! Today starts public voting so head on over to the ffnet page to read the entries and then vote! There are all short OS so you can definitely read more than one!

Here’s where you can read the entires:

Here’s where you can vote:


Title: Let Me

Author: iambeagle


Summary: A story about two friends, a three-day music festival, and stupid love. EPOV.

Status: WIP


“I swear. Bella will remember,” I say. “We were all in my car, it was… fuck, it was just before senior year started, in 2003. I had their album playing the night we got wasted and went bowling.”

He looks skeptical. “How do you remember all of this?”

“It’s a fond memory of mine. It was the night you puked in the bowling alley, remember?”

He picks up the remote from the coffee table and chucks it at me.

I curse, rubbing my shoulder. “Jasper, calm down. Shit. I don’t even know why you’re pissed. It’s not like I’m asking you not to see those sellouts play tomorrow night. You can see whoever the fuck you want. I don’t care.”

He breathes through his nose. “Sellouts? Are you serious right now?”


I love this author and found this a few nights ago. Jasper is a sad sap who gets made fun of by Edward a lot (I think its hilarious). Edward and Bella flirt and get quite lemony and you are totally dying for them to be together! I love this. It’s short chapters definitely leave you wanting more! 


If you head on over to these lovely stories pretty please let them know StrictlyRobsten sent you! 😉

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