Jim Sturgess Talks Kristen & The Big Shoe

“It’s basically about shoe designs,” he explained. “I play a young shoemaker who has a foot fetish, so the whole idea is about foot fetishes and shoemaking, basically. So another Hollywood blockbuster.”

Jim has yet to meet co-star Kristen but he is obviously well-aware of her work.

“No, I’ve never met her, so it’ll be exciting,” he enthused. “I know who she is. I’ve seen her in some great movies. She did a film called ‘Adventureland’ that I really liked.”

And how exactly will his character, Elizabeth’s and Kristen’s all fit together?

“Elizabeth Banks plays a therapist who is trying to coax me—who’s been hired by my family to coax me into making shoes again. I’m sort of a retired shoe artist. I now work in, like, a Payless shoe store. I’ve given up on shoes all together. So they bring in Kristen Stewart’s character as a muse, and I fall in love with her feet basically. I don’t even look at her from the knee down until [gestures at feet]. I saw some audition tapes, her feet look pretty amazing.”

When we told Jim of Kristen’s recent foot injury (on display at this year’s Oscars ceremony), he was quick to (jokingly) explain the situation:

“She was doing foot training,” he said. “Working those muscles.”

Source: MTV

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