Kristen at the Academy Awards – Feb 24

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Watch Kristen and Daniel present the Best Production Design Oscar here.

Press Room


Red Carpet






Check out more HQs of Kristen on the Red Carpet, Presenting, and in the Press Room for the Oscars here!

HQs Source: KStewartFans
MQs Source: Getty Images | Instagram / theacademy
Video Source: Twitter / abeitotzz | AOL

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6 thoughts on “Kristen at the Academy Awards – Feb 24

  1. Kristen Stewart looks absolutely stunning tonight, she is also very photogenic, she would look great in a binliner!!!

  2. Kristen honey, WTF did you do to your foot?!… just perfect timing. Your dress is Gorgeous though. Didn’t need the bling, your smile shines more brightly. Get well soon, <3 seeing you.

  3. I love Kristen and think she is very naturally beautiful but I think it’s time for her to hire a new stylist. She often wears pretty gowns but they never seem to quite fit properly and have messy lines. Her hair should have been in an up-do as she has a nervous habit of running her hands through it which results in her looking unkempt and garnering negative comments. Finally perhaps it is time for her to deal with her stage presence. Unfortunately because she is somewhat nervous she can appear surly or too cool for school which again results in negative comments. I believe Kristen cares deeply about what she does, presenting awards and giving interviews are part of her job which she needs to be better at if she wants to be taken seriously as a mature, smart actress. In any other job you would seek help to improve on any areas of weakness, I hope Kristen’s team help provide better guidance. Kristen is a wonderful young actress, very pretty and kind hearted she just needs a little help to blossom.

  4. I honestly just don’t get it! I thought she looked gorgeous, happy, fabulous. I agree that her hair should have been pulled back so that she wouldn’t fuss with it (as is her habit everytime she has it down), but I thought she looked more confident then I’ve ever seen her and she was beaming! WTF are people seeing?? It’s so frustrating. Maybe I’m wearing rose colored glasses and I’m not seeing the flaws because I love her and I’m a huge fan, but I just think that anything she wore or however she acted was going to be criticized. Just like someone close to her said (Rob), people have these preconceived ideas about her and even if she gets a different stylist, manager, agent, training etc.. those who dislike her are going to continue to do so and will NEVER change their minds.. I love you Kristen. Please never change and continue following your heart..

  5. I love Kristen too but I have to agree with Gracie, she needs to work on those aspects of her career that she finds difficult…we all do. Unfortunately her awkward appearances on the red carpet, on stage, during interviews etc simply give her haters more material to work with. It probably would have been best for her to have given the red carpet a miss at the Oscars given how difficult it was to move around with her injury and she was clearly in pain. I agree the level of criticism of her in the last few days has been appalling but it is never going to improve until she learns to project a more mature, polished image. She can be herself with family and friends but when she is at an industry event she is working and has certain industry standards to live up to. Unfortunately that is life.

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