Max Irons & Jake Abel From The Host Meet Imagine Dragons

Now, I know this has nothing to do with Rob and/or Kristen, but I just couldn’t resist posting  these pics of the two HOT (and talented 😉 ) male stars of Stephenie Meyer’s next big thing, The Host. Besides the eye candy, they got to meet one of my FAVORITE bands, Imagine Dragons. What’s not to love? HostTN080 HostTN069

The stars of the Stephenie Meyer’s THE HOST, Jake Abel and Max Irons, visit Imagine Dragons at their sold-out concert in Minneapolis (March 8).  Imagine Dragons’ second single, “Radioactive,” is featured in THE HOST.   “Radioactive,” from the band’s debut full length album, NIGHT VISIONS, is currently #1 on the modern rock chart and has sold over 1 million copies. THE HOST opens nationwide on March 29th.

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