New Kristen Interview with EW Talking About Rob & Her Favorite Memories Filming The Twilight Saga
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Kristen’s new interview with EW happened just recently after the Oscars since she mentions her injured foot getting better and hanging out with Taylor [Lautner] lately.  This interview is so full of win because she mentions little moments from filming Twilight, New Moon, and Breaking Dawn Part 1 and the memories she considers “hers”.  <3 So much Rob talk and it’s a must read! I feel like we really needed this after the MTV Movie Awards snub. We miss news like this!


About Twilight: “This is number one on my list for a reason. I remember stepping on Rob’s feet in my sneakers, and we listened to that song all night. It was the end of the shoot, and we were all so close and not wanting to go home yet. That’s the one scene I look at and always start crying. And I’m not a bit embarrassed about it.”

“It was so tense shooting Twilight, and here’s this little scene that felt like it was out of an ’80s teen movie. He does this cool little move, and we’re sort of dancing around each other. We still talk about this scene and how fun it was. He remembers what I was wearing. I remember everything about that day.”

On New Moon: “We had around 200 people – tourists, locals – watching like it was theater. They’d be quiet for filming, and at the end of every take they’d applaud. I crashed through the fountain and into Rob’s arms – we must have done it 15 times – and they’d clap every single time.”

On “Her” BDP1 Wedding: “It’s this feeling I had that it was like a real wedding. I have these memories of it that are not in keeping with a movie set. It feels like my memories. You have room in your mind for characters, and then there’s room for yourself. That memory is definitely more mine.”

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