On the Road Headed Back to Theaters


It looks like On the Road will be back in theaters March 22, according to LA Times.  Though it does not include a list of theaters, here is what the article had to say about the long overdue release, where they also mentioned a VOD option:

After “On the Road” grossed just $150,000 in a total of six theaters and the film failed to pick up much awards interest, distributor IFC decided to shelve plans to widen the film in mid-January.

But in an unconventional move, it will give “On the Road” another whirl. Beginning March 22,  the movie will play on 150 screens, including several in cities, such as Chicago and San Francisco, where it never played. IFC will also make it available on VOD for the first time.

“We were planning a pretty major expansion for January,” Jonathan Sehring, president of IFC Films, said in a phone interview Wednesday. “But when you don’t get the awards attention that you’re hoping for, you have to be willing to change your plans.”  Sehring said he believes March offers a clearer runway, without the traffic of the holidays’ major awards titles.

Head on over to the source website for more details.

Via: Twitter | mel452
Source: LA Times

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4 thoughts on “On the Road Headed Back to Theaters

  1. On the Road is a great movie. It’s a shame that there is no award for this film, which deserve it, and not only because of Kristen (excellent in this movie).

  2. Hope it plays near me but I doubt it-150 screens isn’t very many but I’m glad they’re releasing it finally!
    VOD here I come! I still haven’t seen it-kept waiting and hoping I could see it in a theater, like it was

    • I have seen it in France last year, I hope you can see ON THE ROAD soon, it’s a very good movie.

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