Tweets About Rob’s Return to LA – Mar 18

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Rob has supposedly landed in Los Angeles early this morning (Mar 18). We could not be more happy for this much-needed #RobstenReunion <3

@aacallaghan: Dear fandom, it’s with great pleasure I can now tell you: Rob is back in LA with his girl.

@aacallaghan: @hugURob I can’t tell you how (my source could get fired). But he was on QF 93 from Melbourne to LAX

@Tarah_Koutras: Mum met the love of my life Robert Pattinson today!!!!!!!!!

@yeehooitee: Same flight as Robert Pattinson to LA. This work trip is gearing up to a great start! 🙂 #LAbound

@hugURob: If the info is true, then Rob has landed at 06:29 am PT

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6 thoughts on “Tweets About Rob’s Return to LA – Mar 18

  1. If Rob is really back home, I hope he was able to get past the papz.without them getting a pic.

  2. please forgive, rob, kristen treat him good if you really love him, to forgive is devine, and to treat someone as you would like to be treated is the golden rule. i know they do not follow any of this but somehow maybe it will get to them. they really do belong togeather, but hollywood is keeping them apart. they need to get out of there and have a rule to never be apart for more than 2 weeks before seeing each other in their contracts. married people sometimes stray, but they still seem to work it out. i know kristen will never do that again. i have faith in her. i pray for them. as far as twlight is concerned, don’t hate the saga. it made them the two most famous people and started them on their way to stardom. and the people have made it by far their most favorite romance story ever!!!

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