Here’s two lovely recs for you to dig into this weekend! Do you like the new set up for FFF?

  1. Rec’d by: SophieJax
    The Living Will
    by 2carm2carm2
    “In the event of my death, Isabella Marie Swan, upon previous agreement, is to step in and assist Edward Anthony Cullen in the caring of the child, necessitating her to stay at the Cullen residence in which the child lives for six months.” When tragedy strikes, a last wish forces Edward and Bella together to deal with their pain, heal and rebuild the lives they lost.

  2. Rec’d by: Diandra
    Overpass by purelyamuse
    “I think all the people I love will eventually leave me. Just disappear.” “Maybe . . . I don’t know . . . maybe we don’t need lots of people. Maybe we just need one. And that’s enough.” BPOV.

Please don’t forget to let the authors know Strictly Robsten sent you!

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4 thoughts on “FAN FICTION FRIDAY

  1. The new set up works (I’ve always loved that rainy photo of K & R). My only complaint is you don’t specify if it’s complete or a WIP.

    • Ah yes. I can add that back into it. No one had ever commented whether they liked that or not before so it’s good to know you liked it!

      • I do because I’ll still check out stories, but in my mind, if it’s complete, I’m more likely to get right on it, vs a WIP, which can wait a little. Thanks for responding. :0)

  2. Hi! I adore your Fan Fiction Friday segment and have been wanting to get my weekly dose…but I haven’t seen them posted the last few weeks. Are you still doing them? Thanks!

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