BFD Friday

So in celebration of Kristen’s birthday this past Tuesday, I thought it was appropriate to look back on one of her most adorable moments on the set of New Moon – filming Bella’s birthday scene on her actual birthday!  Of course, Rob was there to celebrate with her as he filmed that day with her and they were playful and seemed really at ease here. He kisses her forehead and forgets his line and she laughs at him.  It’s fun to wonder at what stage they were in their friendship/relationship at this point!  Together? Almost together? Let me know in the comments your speculations!

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2 thoughts on “BFD Friday

  1. My spéculation is that they are together since mid-May 2009. I can’t get this out of my mind till the beginning, I don’t know why, but I feel sure of it.

  2. Well, no one really knows for sure. The official story is they got together while filming
    in Italy at the end of the shoot for New Moon. I didn’t buy that. I think they’ve been together since the filming of the first film. Watch the vid of them during the filming of Twilight – (I think an mtv interview) she puts her finger in his mouth-that is something only a gf would do. Now, they may have been on and then off, then on again.

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