Happy 23rd Birthday, Kristen


In celebration of Kristen’s 23rd birthday, we thought we would keep the tradition going and focus on a few reasons why we love Kristen so much! You can check out Melissa’s Happy Birthday Kristen video here.


Favorite Photo Shoot: My favorite photo shoot of Kristen’s would definitely have to be the most recent one we’ve gotten of her — V Magazine. Not only was she looking fierce, but she also looked just so comfortable and herself. I’ve noticed that a lot of these photographers and stylists like to make Kristen someone she’s not, so it was definitely nice to see her in more her element — edgy.

Favorite Appearance: This is a no-brainer! I’d have to give my favorite Kristen appearance to her Cannes Cosmopolis red carpet moment. There’s nothing like a red hot dress with an ultra low-cut V-neck to bring it up a notch. Did I mention that Rob couldn’t keep his eyes off her? Well, we couldn’t either! Meow!


Favorite Interview: Leave it to Super Josh to ease our frantic fangirl minds during Kristen’s first public appearance since “the scandal”. I absolutely loved how he made our girl laugh and let down her guard a bit 🙂 I especially LOVED the part where Kristen makes fun of Josh for not knowing how to drive a car! LOL


Favorite Photo Shoot: Kristen on the cover of W Magazine wins every time. I look at her on that cover and am reminded of Elizabeth Taylor with the makeup and the hair.  I mean, just look at her! I loved how most of the photos are in black and white and that she looks sexy lounging in designer sweaters.  This was very 60’s reminiscent, which I loved! However, Elle France, GQ UK, and Vanity Fair are all Kristen photo shoots I am obsessed with, so it’s hard to choose just one!

Favorite Appearance: So since the three of us SR girls ALL chose Kristen’s bombshell Cannes look, I’ll present one of my other faves of hers from Cannes: her photocall moment for ‘On the Road’.  This outfit brought me so much inspiration last year when floral pants were beginning to be a huge hit and these BALENCIAGA floral print pants made my jaw drop! Of course, I love how she looks casual and totally her at the same time, and she’s proudly displaying her necklace. <3 Check out my other favorite Kristen outfits here!


Favorite Interview: It’s always hard to choose one for everything, but the one interview I really enjoyed was her Live with Kelly & Michael interview from BDP2 promo where she essentially starts talking about her dogs like she is their mother (and she is!)  I also started to say, “Slow your role” from there on.  However, I REALLY loved this Myspace interview from the press junket where she arm wrestles the interviewer!


Favorite Photo Shoot: This was hard for me to decide because shes gorgeous in all of them but I had to pick her Elle mag shoot. I am obsessed with how they have two sides to her, glam girl and pretty boy. It really threw me for a loop the first time I saw it and I haven’t forgotten it since. I also am completely in LOVE with the glam girl looks; makeup, hair, clothing..they’re all so stunning! The photo below is one of my favorites in the shoot, just love how relaxed and yet perfect it seems.


Favorite Appearance: Cosmopolis Premiere at Cannes. I think that will forever be my favorite appearance. Nothing tops that. She was a bombshell that night, rocking that low cut red dress like it was her job. I love how decked out she was. For me, that’s the most dressed up/done up she’s ever been for a premiere.


Favorite Interview:  I can’t help but say mine. The fact that I was able to interview her this past year was the most incredible experience of my life. Totally unforgettable. Life- changing. Best day ever. Words cannot express the emotions I feel for that day and that experience. It’s just.. perfect. She is so down to earth, sweet, hilarious and kind. I’m so thankful and that will always be my favorite interview with Kristen.  Any Super Josh interview comes in second 😉


Favorite Photo Shoot:  This one is a piece of cake for me because I have an entire wall decorated with it and devoted to it. That would be the VogueItalia shoot. I can remember the first time I saw the photos, my breath was completely taken away. The shoot is so totally edgy, cool, and beautiful… All words that I often use to describe Kristen. I also loved the shoot because it was so her.

italianvogue1Favorite Appearance: I have to go with Kristen’s 2010 interview on The Today Show. I’m picking it for a couple of reasons. One: They interviewed her on the plaza directly in front of my friends and I. It was magical. Two: We were able to talk to her after her interview and showed her some tshirts we had made for her. They said “Queens of Noise”  and she LOVED them. She was just getting ready to film “On the Road” and since that book has great sentimental value to me, I was able to talk to her about that. She was very interested in what I had to say and even asked me questions. It was magic. (You can see me in the video though I was about 100 lbs heavier… Ignore that part! LOL!)

Favorite Interview: The interview that I read over and over again to the point that I had to buy a new copy of the magazine was Kristen’s 2010 Elle Magazine interview. The photoshoot was the gift that just kept on giving (hundreds of outtakes!) and the interview was so candid and raw. Kristen was brutally honest in the interview and showed her beautifully intense and defensive side when asked about what actually bothered her in the stupid world of fame she has been sucked into and tortured by… This quote combined with the pictures from the shoot that accompanied the interview make it my all time favorite…

“I hate it when they say I’m ungrateful, and I fucking hate it when they say I don’t give a shit, because nobody cares more than I do. I’m telling you I don’t know anybody who does this that gives a shit more than I do.”

elle uk 25

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  1. BTW, Heather, I was crying in the end with you 🙂
    I loved your interview and its also one of my all time favourites! I just envy you so much that you could meet her 🙂

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